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The Gimp Lives On

*Name: Louise
*Age: 16
*Gender: female
*Most stupid thing you have ever done: I do a lot of stupid things. But I did once believe that someone got a nookie from a seagull.
*Which token person are you applying for: Uh. Token Fashonista, as recommended by Zoe
*Favorite bands: Brand New, Taking Back Sunday, The Postal Service, Alkaline Trio, Saves The Day and I like loads of other bands!
*Favourite movies: The Labyrinth, Amelie, Drop Dead Fred
*Favourite books: I Was A Teenage Fairy
*Why do you think you are gimp enough to join: Uh. Because I don't wear matching socks all of the time.
*Any hidden talents: Eh. My insane stupidity?
*How did you hear about us: Zoe
*Promote us in three places &link us [directly please]:
namethatcomm__ so_eccentric_ xsmearedmascara

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