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*Name: Gilly
*Age: Seventeen
*Gender: Female
*Most stupid thing you have ever done: Fancied Max. I don't know - You's all know me better...
*Which token person are you applying for: I dunno - I should be token pop-punker though. Old skool, mate.
*Favorite bands: L!k3 Bl!nK 182222222!!!!!!!oneoneone...BLAHFUCKINGBLAH!
*Favourite movies: Edward Scissorhands, 200 Cigarettes, American Pie, 'cause Blink are in it.
*Favourite books: ...I don't do books.
*Why do you think you are gimp enough to join: Pfft! What a question - I don't have a witty answer for it though. :(
*Any hidden talents: I can kick Gary's arse at pool. ;)
*How did you hear about us: ...'Cause I know you's...I woulda applied years ago, but y'know - I thoughtyou's had died.

Me modelling my pop-punk-as-fuck 3year old golas (and also sporting the same tshirt as Deryck Whibley ;)).

...Blue Hair? I think so.

Orange too? Why yes. You've been tangoed.

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