&mymilkshakebringsyoyrmawtotheyardobv. (__le_bangbang) wrote in gimp_crew,

*Name: iggy
*Age: 17
*Gender: male
*Most stupid thing you have ever done: join this comm
*Which token person are you applying for:the nigga
*Favorite bands:slipknot, cradle of filth & all that mosha shit
*Favourite movies:erotica gothica
*Favourite books:i ate my last book
*Why do you think you are gimp enough to join:im not a gimp you's are
*Any hidden talents:lol@yrf4c3
*How did you hear about us:mosha
*Promote us in three places &link us [directly please]: http://www.moshacity.com

& ii dont get pictures takes cause the flash would blind my bat like eyes
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