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Welcome to the Gimp Crew community.

The Gimp Crew is 4 extraordinary people

Gary - Token Goth - MOD//Maintainer
Zoe - Token Emo Kid/Rebel Grrl - MOD//Maintainer
Max - Tokin' Token Black Guy
Toni - Token Gay (Secretly Not Gay)

You to could be in the Gimp Crew. I know your asking yourself how you can be honoured like this but it is really simple...


just like in the movies your average rating community &put "The Gimp Lives On" in your subject so we know you have read the rules.

Application Form

*Most stupid thing you have ever done:
*Which token person are you applying for:
*Favorite bands:
*Favourite movies:
*Favourite books:
*Why do you think you are gimp enough to join:
*Any hidden talents:
*How did you hear about us:
*Promote us in three places &link us [directly please]:
and of course at least one picture behind a good old eljay cut

ELJAY CUT HTML FOR FAGS <*lj-cut text*="The Gimp Lives On"> &remove the stars

please bolden, italicise or colour the questions to make it easier for us to read.

post that in and we will decide whether you are enough of a gimp for the crew :p

good old fashioned basic stamps:

(made up by me n zoe so are a load of pish :p the odd numbers are zoes the even ones are mine)

1. no boabin' in the corner
2. no fat chicks
3. no poseurs we are gimps and proud
5. ermmm i dunno
6. this isnt a place you post pics of yourself and expect people to tell you how gorgeous you are so nane o that
7. i dunnnnoooooooooo
8. if we say your not gimp enough just fuck off and dont come back.
9. 5 yes's or majority vote gets you in.
10. if you do come back, we'll ban you 'cause we probably still won't like you.

have fun

Other Members:

ximpyx - Token Hardcore Kid
__crystaltears - Token Cute Girl Next Door
dolliesdont_cry - Token Goffs Token Bitch
xeletric_ashes - Token Stoner
blisstearineyes - Token Indie Kid
x_dont_stare_x - Token Mosher/Mong
shamaya13 - Token Blonde
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